Moms Tweet First, Ask Questions Later (or Never)

This week’s folly from the Moms comes in the form of a Tweet in which they claim HB875/HB60 would give “felons a license to kill.” As unexpected as it sounds, the Moms have been watching too many Bond films.
The errors in the Moms’ Tweet are numerous. First, they apparently don’t realize that convicted felons, like all people in the state, can make use of the self-defense laws in this state. Yes, Moms, much as you hate the idea of a person defending himself against a violent attack, even felons can do so, and even while they still are in prison. And, if the circumstances fit, they can even claim (GASP!) that they had no duty to retreat.
Second, Moms, the bills do nothing to change the felony on the books against felons possessing firearms. Much as you like to advertise otherwise, a felon who carries a gun still can be prosecuted for being a felon in possession of a firearm, even under the language of the bills. Darn it, those facts got in your way again.
Lastly, Moms, the bills only marginally have any relationship to what you like to call stand your ground. You see, Moms, not every use of self defense involves the duty to retreat or lack thereof. And, much as you obviously do not know (unless you purposefully lie about it over and over), Georgia has never had a duty to retreat, just as the large majority of states in the country never have.
Jim Galloway, if you’re out there, felons in Georgia can vote after they serve their sentences. But they still can’t carry guns.