Moms Demand Ignorance of Current Law

From today’s mailbag, Moms Demand Action are decrying HB 60 as an “extreme” measure that would “arms teachers and school employees with a minimum amount of training.” Politifact already determined the “extreme” epithet is “mostly false,” but that does not seem to deter the Moms from continuing to spread “mostly false” information.
What the Moms fail to understand, however, is that current law already allows school officials to let anyone carry a firearm at school with no training at all. HB 60 would create a new path for arming teachers who volunteer to do so. The armed teachers would be required to undergo training on “judgment pistol shooting, safe handling and storage of weapons, marksmanship, and a review of current laws relating to the use of force for the defense of self and others.” Hey, Moms, what do you think Georgia’s law enforcement personnel are trained in? That’s right, the exact same things.