GCO Demands the Truth From Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action continue to engage in extreme ignorance or deliberate lies in order to push their political agenda. Most recently, the Moms have said, “Furthermore, new bills in the Georgia State Capitol right now will allow convicted criminals who have used a weapon to threaten or intimidate to get a concealed carry permit.”
The foregoing statement is demonstrably false. Presumably the Moms are referring to proposals to remove a restriction of obtaining a GWL for people convicted of “pointing a pistol at another.” As has been testified to on multiple occasions in legislative hearings, with plenty of the Moms present, that crime has no fear element. It is the simple pointing of the pistol, without producing fear of receiving injury. If fear of receiving injury is present, the crime is aggravated assault, not pointing a pistol at another. Obviously, if the pointing of the pistol produces no fear, it likewise cannot be accompanied by intimidation and is an ineffective threat.
Come on, Moms! Didn’t your moms teach you to tell the truth?