What to do if you are having trouble obtaining a GWL as prescribed in 16-11-129.

If you or someone you know are having trouble obtaining a Georgia Weapons Carry License (GWL), please contact the following elected officials and let them know that you are having trouble with the Probate Courts. Let the leadership (Governor, Speaker of the House and the Lt. Governor) know that you are aware that they could have remedied the situation last year but refused to do so. Let them know that their lack of progress in assisting the law-abiding citizen in easily obtaining a GWL makes a very good case for permitless carry in the upcoming session.

Please Contact Governor Brian Kemp

     Phone: (404) 656-1776
     206 Washington Street
     111 State Capitol
     Atlanta, GA 30334

     206 Washington Street
     Suite 203, State Capitol
     Atlanta, GA 30334

If you wish to write, feel free to do so via Constituent Services.

Please contact Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan

     The Honorable Geoff Duncan
     Office: (404) 656-5030

Please contact House Speaker David Ralston

     David Ralston
     332 State Capitol
     Atlanta, GA 30334
     Office: (404) 656-5020
     Fax: (404) 656-5644

Please contact your State Senator and State Representative

Your state Senator can be found here