The Truth About Music Midtown

The Truth About Music Midtown

Last week, event organizers for Atlanta’s Music Midtown announced they would cancel this year’s music festival due to “circumstances beyond our control.”

“…A possible reason for the cancellation points to Music Midtown’s weapons policy that bans weapons “of any kind,” conflicting with Georgia’s Constitutional Carry Law.”

Sadly, those who are trying to blame Georgia’s gun laws are not telling the truth.

In Georgia, any event being held on public property must abide by Georgia’s laws and allow attendees who wish to lawfully carry a firearm to do so. This law, which we fought for tirelessly, dates back to 2014 and the Georgia Supreme Court recently upheld it.

“In 2014, a state law dubbed ‘guns everywhere’ by critics broadly allowed the carrying of firearms on public land by properly permitted people, with some exceptions.”

Here’s the truth: There are no laws preventing Music Midtown from taking place. But there are laws protecting the 2nd Amendment and the right of law-abiding Georgians to protect themselves.

Clearly, some chose politics over safety and the U.S. Constitution.

GA2A has worked diligently over the past decade to champion the 2nd Amendment and we are proud of our progress. This month, our leaders have boldly advocated – in the media and at events – for your right to self defense. Rest assured, we were unapologetic.

“The law is on our side. And we spent a lot of time to make sure it was on our side. So if Music Midtown tried to restrict licensed firearms owners from bringing guns to the festival, it would have been a violation of the law.” – Jerry Henry, GA2A Executive Director

We know there are bigger battles to come. You have our word…we will stay on the frontlines of the fight!