Rep. Mathiak Files Legislation to Shield the 2nd in Georgia

Rep. Mathiak Files Legislation to Shield the 2nd in Georgia


We have exciting news for GA2A members and 2nd Amendment supporters in Georgia…

This week, State Representative Karen Mathiak filed legislation to Shield the 2nd in Georgia!

House Bill 560 is a robust bill that both protects – and expands – gun rights in Georgia. It includes a number of the items on our legislative agenda and will help safeguard the 2nd Amendment now and into the future.

Here are the highlights of HB560:

▪ Protects places of worship by allowing law-abiding Georgians to carry at their church or synagogue
▪ Allows Probate Court Judges to accept GWL applications online or through the mail
▪ Prohibits the creation of an database of gun owners or guns
▪ Protects the firing of weapons on private land that’s 10 acres or more
▪ Provides for law enforcement to quickly auction seized firearms to qualified Georgians
▪ Ensures that firearms and accessories can be manufactured and purchased, GWL applications accepted and approved during a State of Emergency

While excited by this legislation and the vocal support for it under the Gold Dome, we will definitely need your help in the days to come. Stay tuned for Action Alerts as Rep. Mathiak shepherds HB560 through the committee process and please encourage your friends and family to join us in the fight by becoming a member of GA2A.

Thank you in advance for your hard work and strong support!


Jerry Henry
Executive Director