GA2A’s Position on HB 855

GA2A’s Position on HB 855

GA2A supports HB 855 as prefiled. The bill would provide an income tax credit of up to $300 for purchases of devices intended for the storage or securing of firearms.

GA2A supports any legislation that would lessen the financial burden of possessing and storing firearms. Unfortunately, areas with the highest crime rates also tend to be areas with the lowest incomes. Residents in those areas can struggle to afford firearms to protect their families. They also can be especially vulnerable to in-house crimes that could result in the theft of those firearms.

GA2A supports measures that would make it easier for all Georgians to keep their firearms out of the hands of criminals.

Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that this bill will result in the creation of a registry of all firearm owners. Is that true?

No. Obviously, there are many firearm storage devices already in use throughout Georgia. The bill does not provide for retroactive tax credits, so the bill would not apply to existing devices. Moreover, as with any tax credit, participation in the credit is completely voluntary. No one will be required to claim the credit and report the purchase of a storage or security device. Finally, the credit is available to a device regardless of the use to which it is actually put. A purchaser of such a device may or may not have firearms that are stored or secured with the device.

Is this a gun control measure or a step towards mandatory storage requirements?

No. This is a tax measure. It would be very difficult to amend a tax bill to turn it into a criminal measure for failing to store a firearm. GA2A would oppose any effort to make such a rare amendment.

The author of the bill has sponsored several gun control measures. Why is GA2A supporting a bill from an “anti-gun” legislator?

GA2A does not make bill-tracking decisions based on party affiliation. If a bill is good for gun owners and the Second Amendment, GA2A supports it.