GA2A Releases 2024 Legislative Agenda

GA2A Releases 2024 Legislative Agenda

Today, GA2A, Georgia’s leading gun rights organization, released their policy priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session.

From passing a “Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday” and incentivizing educators to carry firearms to lowering the minimum age for a Georgia Weapons License (GWL) and eliminating gender and age restrictions for joining the State Militia, GA2A will unapologetically and boldly advocate on behalf of law-abiding Georgians who simply want to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.

GA2A, which led the charge on HB60 (“Guns Everywhere”, HB280 (“Campus Carry”) SB319 (“Constitutional Carry”) and many more, will work to ban governmental entities from ending the purchase of firearms during a declared State of Emergency, prohibiting gun discharge on private property larger than 10 acres, and creating gun databases that can be used to track gun owners.

GA2A will also continue their fight to expand locations for concealed carry so Georgians can protect themselves in places of worship and government buildings.

“It’s a New Year but our commitment to protecting and expanding Second Amendment Rights in Georgia remains the same,” said Jerry Henry, Executive Director of GA2A.

“This session, we look forward to partnering with like-minded members of the House and Senate to advance our legislative agenda so citizens can exercise their rights and protect themselves from harm. By working together, we will ensure a safer, stronger Georgia.”

To read GA2A’s 2024 Legislative Agenda, click HERE.