Thank You and Congratulations!

Thank You and Congratulations!

Each year, the GA2A Board of Directors elect one member at- large to serve a two-year rotational term on the Board. Each rotational board member has the same rights as the permanent members of the board for the length of time they serve.

This year, the Board said “goodbye” to rotational board member Luis Estrada who has served the last two years. Please join the Board and me in extending a big “thank you” to Luis as he has donated much of his time in getting the rebranding of the organization up and running as well as helping with the design of our new logo. We wish Luis success in the future and know that he will be available to the board for consultation as needed.

Again, thank you Luis!

In saying goodbye to one board member also means welcoming a new rotational board member. This year, congratulations go to our new rotational board member, Philip Doolittle. Philip is a Life Member of GA2A, the Chapter Leader of the South Metro GA2A Chapter and moderator of several of our Facebook pages. He has volunteered much of his time in the past several years helping with recruiting events as well. Those of you who know Philip know that he is not bashful about stating his views and if you want to know how he feels about a subject, just ask!

We look forward to working with Philip in the next couple of years.

Welcome aboard, Philip!