2017 – HB280 (a.k.a. Campus Carry Bill)


  • Allows a weapons carry license holder to carry a handgun concealed while on campus of public technical schools and public colleges. HB280 does not allow for campus carry at private technical schools or private colleges. However, a person with a Georgia Weapons License may carry a firearm while dropping off or picking up a student and also may keep a firearm in a motor vehicle while parked on campus of a private school.
  • Certain rooms or buildings on campuses of public technical schools and public colleges remain off-limits to carry. These rooms or buildings include: student housing, faculty, staff, or administrative offices or rooms where disciplinary proceedings are conducted, rooms where high school students are enrolled, rooms where there is preschool or childcare, rooms being used for classes related to a college and career academy or other specialized school as provided for under Code Section 20-4-37.