SB 224 Passed in Senate Judiciary Committee!

But, the work is not over as we now need to contact more elected officials and press for passage in the Senate of SB224. We also want to continue to push for a hearing on SB449.

Thanks to you, our members continue pressure on the Senate Judiciary Committee, last evening SB 224 by substitute, was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and now heads to the Senate Rules Committee awaiting assignment to the Senate Floor where it will either pass the Senate on to the House or will be defeated on the Senate floor. The explanation of the substitute bill is further down this email.

It should be noted that when Chairman Stone asked Senator Heath how this bill would harmonize with SB357, Senator Heath responded that he was a sponsor of SB224 and would like to see it passed and if it does pass, he would withdraw SB357 and support SB224. Senator Heath also mentioned that there is a so-called Second Amendment Group that has opposed every good gun bill in the last several years and asked if there were any Georgia Gun Owners members in the audience. Crickets!

The vote came at about 8:15 PM last evening and was a 5 to 3 vote along party lines. And, the three Democrats that voted against passage of the bill were none too happy. In fact, Senator Elena Parent sent out the following tweet