More Letters and reasons to Gov. Perdue Urging him to sign HB 89

Senator John Douglas and GCO’s President Ed Stone have both written letters urging him to sign HB 89. Those letters can be viewed here:

Senator Douglas’ Letter

GCO President’s Letter

Also a new reason to urge the Governor to sign HB 89 is that the Department of the Interior has now published a proposed rule change for the National Park Service to allow concealed carry in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges as long as the state allows carry in their own parks and refuges. Since HB 89 would allow GFL holders to carry in State Park, then the only thing needed is for Gov. Perdue to sign HB 89 for GFL holders to be able to carry in National Parks when the proposed rule change goes into effect.

The proposed rule change is as follows for National Parks:
“A person may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable
firearms within a national park area in the same manner, and to the same
extent, that a person may lawfully possess, carry, and transport concealed,
loaded and operable firearms in any state park, or any similar unit of state
land, in the state in which the federal park, or that portion thereof, is
located, provided that such possession, carrying and transporting otherwise
complies with applicable federal and state law.”