GCO Settles Federal Lawsuit Against Cherokee Probate Judge

GCO and Cherokee County Probate Judge Kipling McVay have resolved a federal lawsuit brought by GCO and member Rebecca Breed over Judge McVay’s practice of requiring SSNs of GFL applicants. In the settlement, Judge McVay will be ordered by the federal court not to request SSNs of GFL applicants and to expunge from her records the SSNs of GCO members. GCO members as of November 21, 2007 may send an email with their name and date of birth to [email protected], requesting that their SSN be expunged from Judge McVay’s records. In order to qualify, members must have applied for a GFL in Cherokee County, but they need not be current Cherokee County residents. Requests must be received by December 14, 2007.

The order is available here.