GCO Protests Weapons Bans

In the wake of HB 60, GCO has learned that various state and local governmental entities are illegally regulating the carrying of weapons in locations around the state. As they are discovered, GCO has been contacting the agencies involved and asked them to stop their practices or face litigation. Agencies and their practices contacted so far:
State MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) — searches all who enter and bans all knives and guns
State Teacher Retirement System — bans guns throughout property, including parking lots
City of Commerce — contemplating banning guns in recreation facilities
City of Roswell — bans all weapons in police department
GCO reminds state agencies and local governments that they may not regulate weapons at all, and even for those facilities that actually qualify as government buildings, state law still does not prohibit knives with blades shorter than 5 inches, handguns with barrels longer than 12 inches, long guns with barrels shorter than 18 inches, and any firearms of caliber less than .46 centimeters. Government entities that violate the state preemption law will not be tolerated.