GCO Members – Contact the DOI Before August 8!

While we normally do not stray into national issues, this issue is of vital importance as Georgia includes 12 National Parks and 9 National Wildlife Refuges. The following message from David Yates is endorsed by the Board of GCO. Please act on it!

I am the owner of www.bighammer.net, and maintain the data collected by many of the petitioners to repeal the NPS ban on firearms at www.bighammer.net/timeline.html.
As you probably know, a few weeks back the Department of the Interior decided to “revive” the already ended comment period for the National Parks weapons regulations proposed change. The comment period on this regulation closes on August 8th, 2008.
VCDL, & the co-petitoners to amend the National Parks weapons regulations as well as many other pro rights groups are all working very hard to bring this change to reality. I am asking all of you to comment on the National Parks weapons regulations and get the word out to group members, friends and acquaintances. We need as many comments as we can get and we need them to be as consistent as possible. To that end, please, if you haven’t commented already do so by going to:
http://www.bighammer.net/timeline.html#05/01/08. I have suggested comments, a direct link to the regulation.gov comment form, links to the NPS admission that they can’t protect park visitors and much more. Or, go straight to regulation.gov
Fill out your information and comment. PLEASE, whatever else you write copy the comments between the lines below. Our message needs to be consistent. The DOI Proposed regulation conditions National Parks & Wildlife Management Areas carry on whether it’s legal in the State parks or analogous state lands that the National Park is located in. The petitioners want that language stricken from the regulation to give the Parks a uniform law on firearms.
If you already commented, but didn’t use the language below, please amend your comments to add them. Finally, if you have friends or family who haven’t commented, please ask them to.
I support the proposed change to permit loaded firearms / weapons in National Parks and Wildlife refuges but comment that the proposed regulation should be amended as follows:
Title 36–Parks, Forests, and Public Property