Today (Sunday) the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a feature article on GCO, complete with a picture of its President openly carrying a pistol in midtown Atlanta. The article is available online here. While not accurate in every detail (and the ambiguous quote from anti-gun activist Alice Johnson is simply puzzling), the article is the best press GCO has ever received from the AJC, and this report comes from the same newspaper whose editorial board called GCO’s agenda “dangerous” and “appalling” in August of 2007. Things are improving. Here is the best single sentence from the article. “Advocates for gun restrictions are anxious about the gains made by the group.”
One anti-gun activist is concerned about GCO’s lawsuits and the cost to the public treasury from GCO’s victories in court. GCO has a message for her and any recalcitrant government officials that may be reading, “Obey the law and stop infringing the right to bear arms.” Then the cost to the treasury would be zero.