GCO discussed in classroom setting at Jacksonville State University in Alabama

The letter below was sent from Jerry Strange to the GCO Board of Directors:
I thought you might be interested in this event that happened in my daughter’s Business Law class last night, at Jacksonville State University.
As part of my daughter’s senior year of classes, she is required to take a business law class. This class is taught by a professor who is a Board Member of Jacksonville State University, an attorney, and a Judge in the local districts.
It is a small class of maybe 30-40 students, and is taught in a very informal atmosphere. Last night’s topic centered around the impact that businesses or groups of people can have on the laws that affect them. He was trying to explain that groups of people cannot directly make laws about topics that interest them, but that by working in an organized group, they can have a major impact.
He discussed PAC’s, lobbyists, etc., and the way they work. This topic lead to a discussion about issues that had been raised in the past few years concerning JSU. One of the issues had been the carrying of firearms on campus. A group of folks tried to force a lawful action of stopping the carry, and it was shut down when it was explained that it was legal and has
been for quite a while. He explained that the group had not done their homework, and had no idea how the laws worked.
After some discussion, he asked how many students were from Georgia, and about 20 or so raised their hands. He then asked how many had heard of a group called, you guessed it, GeorgiaCarry!!! Only my daughter kept her hand raised. He asked how she was familiar, and she explained that she was a member, as was her dad.
He then went on to teach the class about our background and the way we have had such an impact on the Georgia firearms laws here in the State of Georgia. He used GCO as an example of how a group of people had worked together to influence the lawmakers in Georgia to reach a desired goal.
He then went on to explain that GCO also took on cases for individuals, if they felt it would better the citizens of the State of Georgia. As an example, he started telling about a recent event concerning a “fellow” who had a confrontation at a local State Park, when he was confronted by a ranger demanding to see his GWCL.
At this point, my daughter just busted out loud laughing. The professor asked why, and she had to explain that he was talking about her dad. He laughed, checked her last name, and then replied that he should have remembered the “Strange” last name.
He discussed the events, how it was handled, and used GCO as a model for a group of “citizens” using the legal system for the better good of the group. She told me he was very complimentary of our methods, and liked the methods we used.
Who would have thought, GCO used as an example, a “business model”, in a University in Alabama!
Jerry Strange