GA2A Legislative Update – Mar 21st, 2024

Dear GA2A Member,

We need your help now.

In the House Judiciary yesterday afternoon, SB 36 Pimping and Pandering was modified to allow cities, counties and the World Congress Center to ban firearms on their property for short term leases if the promoter has a gate and provides security, even if the lease is a usufruct.

This is a work around the GA Supreme Court decision to prohibit banning firearms on short term leases that we worked so hard to win in the Botanical Gardens case.

If your representative is on the House Rules committee, please contact them immediately and ask them to keep the bill in the Rules Committee and not allow the bill to go to the floor for a vote. If your representative is not on the Rules Committee, please contact them and ask them to vote against the bill should it come to the floor for a vote.

A sample communication such as the below should be sent:

The Honorable [insert name here]:SB 36 was modified on Wednesday to allow cities, counties and the World Congress Center to ban firearms on their property when leased short term, under certain conditions.

By allowing this bill to pass, the House will be assisting in providing a work around the GA Supreme court ruling in GeorgiaCarry vs. Botanical Gardens.

I urge you to vote against allowing this bill to go to the floor for consideration as it will endanger citizen’s lives and prevent the exercise of individual’s Second Amendment rights.

Thank you for your service to the State of GA and your constituents.

{Your name}

If you are not sure who your House Representative is, click here and put in your street address, city and state and click “Search”. If your Representative is not on the Rules Committee, click here to obtain their contact information.

It is imperative that we act immediately as this is legislative day 38. Next Tuesday, March 26 is day 39 and sine die is next Thursday, March 28. There are only 3 legislative days left in this year’s General Assembly to fight this effort to erode your 2A rights.

The normally gun friendly members of the House Rules Committee are listed below with a link to their contact information:

Butch Parrish 158th Chairman
Mandi Ballinger 23rd Vice Chairman
Rick Jasperse 11th Secretary
James Burchett 176th Ex-Officio
Shaw Blackmon 146th Member
John Carson 46th Member
Sharon Cooper 45th Member
Katie Dempsey 13th Member
Chuck Efstration 104th Ex-Officio
Gerald Greene 154th Member
Stan Gunter 8th Member
Matt Hatchett 155th Member
Lee Hawkins 27th Member
Bill Hitchens 161st Member
David Knight 134th Member
Eddie Lumsden 12th Member
Chuck Martin 49th Member
Mark Newton 127th Member
Alan Powell 33rd Member
Lynn Smith 70th Member
Ron Stephens 164th Member
Darlene Taylor 173rd Member
Bruce Williamson 112th Member

Please remember to keep your communication with your representative short and concise with respect and courtesy.