GA2A Celebrates Passage of Constitutional Carry in State Senate

Today, GA2A, formerly, celebrated the passage of SB319 – “Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2021” – in the State Senate.

“SB 319 is the first bill on permitless carry to pass either chamber,” said Jerry Henry, Executive Director of GA2A.  “When permit less carry and other protections are signed by Governor Kemp, law abiding citizens will no longer be required to seek permission to exercise their God given and constitutionally enumerated right to self-defense. This legislation is a huge step forward in the fight to Shield The Second.”

“We are proud that the majority of Senators ignored the half-truths and lies perpetuated by radical, in and out-of-state gun prohibitionists and did the right thing for their constituents, the communities they represent and the citizens of Georgia. We congratulate them on their commitment and courage to stand up for our shared values.”