Attempted Kidnapping in a Victim Disarmament Zone

Georgians are prohibited by state law from carrying their concealed handguns (and other weapons) in numerous places. While our biggest concern for the current law is it’s vagueness, we also feel it is far too restricitive.

WXIA in Atlanta reports today (see article here) that a female student was accosted by a man who attempted to kidnap her by forcing her into his car.

“…the student was walking when a man in a black Pontiac Grand Am pulled up and called her over to his car. The man claimed he and the student had a class together and asked if she wanted to “kick it.”

“The young lady told him she wasn’t interested and was attempting to move away and he grabbed her by the left wrist, according to her statement, and attempted to pull her into the car at which time she punched him in the nose and…she got loose from him,” KSU Police Chief Ted Cochran told 11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie.

“Fortunately for the intended victim, she had the mindset and physical prowess to fend off the attacker and escape. While the outcome of this story is good, it serves to illustrate the vulnerability created by disarming law abiding citizens. Forget about ‘School Safety Zone’…those places where we are forced disarmed by law become in effect, ‘Victim Disarmament Zones’ or ‘Criminal Empowerment Zones’.

Laws that restrict the ownership or posession of firearms or other defenseive weapons only serve as a deterrent to self-defense, not to crime. Criminals, after all, disregard such laws…their disregard for law is precisely what makes them criminals. So, while I can see the benefit to society of disarming all violent criminals (though I’d prefer seeing them removed from society)…I fail to see the value of disarming, and thereby rendering defenseless, their pool of potential victims.
Would an attacker be this brazen, this bold in his attempt to abduct a young lady smaller and weaker than himself if he thought that she might be armed? I suspect that the criminally mischievious would continue on to select more vulnerable prey. In fact, that’s exactly what this creep did…picked a smaller female victim whom he knew would be unarmed, and thus defenseless against the size disparity. Fortunately for our victim, she was unarmed but not defenseless. Our hat is off to her in acknowledgment of her warrior spirit and defensive mindset.

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