April 14 Update on HB 89

On Monday April 16 at 9am, HB89 will be heard in the Senate Rules Committee. We can only guess that this is the NRA’s attempt to get SB43 (The employee parking lot bill) re-birthed and attached to HB89 to help it’s success of passage. While GCO is not opposed to SB43, we strongly discourage the addition of SB43 to HB89 as this can greatly reduced HB89’s chance of passage.

Due to the weekend, we have not seen the proposed language. But from what we can gather the language is still trying to be changed. Because of this we need members there once again to help and support HB89. GCO has supported HB89 from the beginning and GCO has been present at both committee hearings thus far on the bill. It is you, the members, that are responsible for getting HB89 this far. We shouldn’t let our hard work go to waste. Any members that are able and willing to attend this committee hearing to once again support HB89 is greatly appreciated. Remember you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, 90% of winning is just showing up.

Parking map for the area around the State Capitol

Senate Rules Committee Hearing Notice