Shield the 2nd

Shield the 2nd

2022 GA2A Legislative Agenda

The 2nd Amendment is under constant attack and GA2A, Georgia’s no-compromise voice for gun owners, is leading the fight to safeguard our constitutional rights.

For years, GA2A has served as the voice of Georgia’s gun owners by pushing for the repeal of ridiculous and unconstitutional Georgia Weapons Carry License (GWL) regulations, championing the undeniable right of law-abiding Georgians to safely carry a firearm at public universities and restaurants, stopping the financial services industry from discriminating against firearms owners and businesses, and standing firm against laws – and lawmakers – that undermine our gun rights.

While proud of our progress, there’s more work to be done. That’s why GA2A is proposing a bold, robust policy agenda for the 2022 Legislative Session.


Shield the 2nd

Making Efforts to…

Through GA2A’s “Shield The 2nd” legislative agenda, we can ensure that the rights of Georgia gun owners are protected and our constitutional rights as Americans are reflected in Georgia law.

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