11th Circuit Orders Response to Petition for Rehearing in Detention Case

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered Deputy Brian Kabler to respond to GCO’s petition for rehearing in an illegal detention case. The case arose when a GCO member was pulled over in McIntosh County by Deputy Kabler to see if the member had a GWL. GCO filed the case in Superior Court of McIntosh County and Kabler removed it to federal court. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia dismissed the case, ruling that Kabler had qualified immunity. The 11th Circuit affirmed, ruling that Kabler had immunity against claims for damages and that GCO’s claims for prospective relief were moot because HB 60 prohibits detaining a person to see if he has a GWL. GCO petitioned for rehearing on the grounds that the federal courts lose jurisdiction if a case is moot, and have to remand a removed case back to the state court in which it originated (rather than dismiss it). The 11th Circuit has ordered Kabler to respond to GCO’s petition. The documents may be viewed here.